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Tabitha et Aidan 

I dont really know where to start, but maybe with the most enormous thank you. THANK YOU.

You made the whole event (not just the wedding but also the days either side) such an incredibly special occasion for us but also an incredibly enjoyable experience to plan. You never got stressed, nothing was too small or too difficult for you - you were patient and considerate and we always felt that you truly had our interests (and budget) at heart for the entire wedding. Having you negotiate the meal and welcome the guests on the Saturday and still be standing at 4am on Sunday was, we think, above and beyond the call of duty and just a testament to how much you put into the weddings that you run.


Thank you for picking the crew. The caterer was just about the nicest man we had ever met. His food was delectable and seeing some of the shots in the kitchen has really opened our eyes to what an enormous task he had. He was back on Monday morning single handedly laying tables, folding napkins, arranging flowers to make the BBQ 1000x more beautiful and delicious than we had ever considered (some of us were still partying on this day at 4am). We shared a glass of champagne with him on Monday but will again email our thanks to him for the incredible amount of heart he brought to his role.


The decorations, the lighting, the tables, the dance floor - all incredible. I had enough exposure that I felt that they were my decisions but you also (cleverly) didn’t let me get bogged down in the detail so I never felt stressed which I know a lot of brides do. One of the many amazing moments for me was looking out of the bedroom window and seeing the tables for the first time was just how beautiful everything looked. 


The band!!! Do I need to say anything more? They were incredible, hilarious, stylish and as you suggested, indescribable. They are still the talking point of the party and I would love to experience their enthusiasim again. 


Im not sure if theres anything we can do for you to express how much we appreciate all that you and your team brought to this special event but you have only to ask.


Tabitha & Aidan

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